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Choosing An Exchange To Buy Bitcoin

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Welcome to Bitcoin Made Easy. The site that takes the sweat out of buying and using Bitcoin for your online purchases.

Using Bitcoin can seem like a steep learning curve and it’s success has meant there is an overwhelming amount of different options on buying it and storing it.

We have spent hundreds of hours trying a very wide range of these different options so we can point you towards the best: the most simple to use, the least time-consuming and the lowest cost way to get some Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin

Invented in 2008, Bitcoin is digital money. It is money just like dollars or euros, only it’s not owned by a government or in fact any person or any organisation.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system for online payments that does not require a trusted central authority. It’s just like sending an email, there is no one in the middle.  Over $500 Million worth of transactions are made securely each day on the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin has proven itself to be faster, more private and more secure than existing banking systems.

By following our Bitcoin Made Easy guide, you can set up a Bitcoin account with an exchange and start buying products online in less than 30 minutes!

Section 1

Choosing an Exchange to Buy Bitcoin

There are many ways to pay for Bitcoin including credit/debit card, bank transfers, cash and even shop-sold gift tokens. However, the fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin is using your Credit or Debit card so that’s the method we have chosen for our Bitcoin Made Easy Guide.

We’ve trawled through all the main Bitcoin Exchanges, opening accounts, buying and spending Bitcoin. Our top choice by far is Coinbase, which is in fact also the most popular way to buy and sell Bitcoin worldwide! Coinbase is super-easy to use and has the lowest fees for buying Bitcoin with a debit/credit card.

To top it all off, Coinbase offer a free $10 worth of Bitcoin to new accounts when you have bought your first $100 of Bitcoin if you sign up using our referral link. So this means you are effectively paying no fees at all on your first $200 of Bitcoin purchases. But don’t forget you must sign up via this link.

Because Coinbase does not offer Bitcoin purchasing to all countries, we also highly recommend Coinmama, which supports the widest list of countries. The purchasing fee is slightly higher than Coinbase (particularly for purchases of less than $150), but the system is still very easy and quick to use.

Coinbase is currently available to customers in Australia*, Canada*, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and most European countries. CoinMama offers Bitcoin purchasing in 226 countries worldwide!

Rated 5/5 By Bitcoin Made Easy

Takes just 15-20 minutes

Our top choice by far is Coinbase, which is in fact also the most popular way to buy and sell Bitcoin worldwide! Coinbase is super-easy to use and has the lowest fees for buying Bitcoin with a debit/credit card.

You Can Buy Bitcoin With These Cards:

US, UK, Australia and most of Europe
Lowest fees at 0% – 4%
Easy to use
Super fast speed
Web/mobile wallet available
Supports other top cryptocurrencies Ethereum & Litecoin
$250 a week starting allowance (increases to $2,500 per week after some account use)

Rated 4.5/5 By Bitcoin Made Easy

Takes just 15-20 minutes

CoinMama is a good alternative if you are struggling or unable to use Coinbase.

You Can Buy Bitcoin With These Cards:

226 countries supported
Huge allowances ($5000 daily)
Easy to use
Supports other top cryptocurrency Ethereum
Average speed
No web/mobile wallet
Higher fees at 6% – 16%

Bitcoin Comparison Table

Our RatingExchange NameCountries CoveredFeesSpeedAllowancesWalletOther CoinsBuy Now
5US, UK, Australia & most Europe0%* – 4%5$250 per weekYEthereum, LitecoinBuy Now
4.5226 Countries Worldwide6% –  16%**3.5***$5,000 per dayNEthereumBuy Now
4US, Europe + 35 Countries9%4€500 per weekNNoBuy Now
4Europe6%4€2,500 per dayYEthereum, Dash. Litecoin Buy Now

* 0% fee is if you sign up a new account using our referral link and spend between $100 and $200 on Bitcoin therefore getting your $10 free Bitcoin from Coinbase.

** The exchange fee at CoinMama is a flat $10 so the total fee varies depending on the quantity purchased. We paid 5.6% for 0.1 Bitcoin ($300), 7.6% for 0.05 Bitcoin ($150) and 15.5% for 0.025 Bitcoin ($75). Dollar prices at time when Bitcoin was $3,000 per bitcoin.

***CoinMama is quick and easy to use but once you have submitted your ID, you will need to wait for them to verify it, this can take as little as 15 minutes but much longer outside of their hours of business.

Section 2

Setting Up Your Account At An Exchange

Our tailor-made step-by-step instructions and short video tutorial to make it even easier for you to set up and use Coinbase and Coinmama.

Don’t forget that if you are setting up an account at Coinbase, be sure to Click Here to get your free $10 when you buy over $100 of Bitcoin!

If for any reason you have difficulty using Coinbase or Coinmama for your Bitcoin purchase, we recommend you try BitPanda if you are in Europe or Bitit which covers 50 countries worldwide. Both of these exchanges are quick and easy and have relatively low fees for buying by credit or debit card.

What You Need

All exchanges selling Bitcoin require you to verify your identity (due to international money laundering regulations). Therefore you’ll need:

An Email Address

A Mobile Phone, Desktop Or Tablet

Your Credit Or Debit Card

Valid Identification (Passport, Drivers License)

Click Here to open an account at BitPanda

Cick Here to open an account at Bitit

Click Here in the unlikely event that none of these exchanges offer Bitcoin to your country, then as a last resort please try Local Bitcoins

Section 3

Storing Your Bitcoin

Short Term Cloud Bitcoin Storage

Bitcoin has to be stored in a digital ‘wallet’. Coinbase and Bitpanda do provide you with a wallet within your account, where they put any bitcoin you buy from them. CoinMama and Bitit require you to send your bitcoin directly to the webstore you are using or to a wallet you have set up elsewhere.

If you are using Coinmama or Bitit and want to buy more Bitcoin than you need for your webstore purchase then we highly recommend getting yourself a Jaxx wallet, it’s free and super easy to install & use.

Long Term Bitcoin Storage

For the longer-term, the most secure way to hold your Bitcoin is on a hardware wallet which is a small device you connect to your computer when you wish to spend your Bitcoin. We highly recommend the hardware wallet Ledger Nano S, currently retailing at €60, not only is it the cheapest available but also the most popular, easy-to-use and reliable.

Because the Ledger Nano S is so popular, Ledger often have a one month delay on shipment, so check their site and if that’s the case and you can’t wait, then get a Trezor instead. The Trezor is 25% more expensive than the Ledger Nano S but we’ve found them to be very user-friendly and super-reliable.


1) If you want to buy Bitcoin to pay for a specific online web order then you can send bitcoin straight from the exchange when buying it and you don’t need another wallet.

2) If you are using Coinbase or Bitpanda and you are storing a small amount of Bitcoin then you do not need another wallet as they provide one.

3) If you are buying a small amount of Bitcoin with Coinmama or Bitit then you can use a Jaxx wallet on your computer or phone.

4) If you are storing more Bitcoin and for longer-term then we recommend buying a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

Section 4

Buying and Spending your Bitcoin

If you have a particular purchase in mind at a webstore, then this is a good time to place your order so that you know exactly how much Bitcoin you need. Don’t forget that you won’t get your free $10 at Coinbase until you have spent over $100 on Bitcoin.

When you open your Bitcoin exchange account, you will see the price for 1 Bitcoin, don’t panic! You will only be buying a fraction of a Bitcoin so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars, only the amount you want or need.

Please be aware that if you choose to hold Bitcoin in your wallet rather than spending it immediately, then it’s value in £/$/Euro etc may change significantly. Bitcoin does move up and down in price much more extremely than most standard currencies; so the value of your holding may decrease or increase significantly. Saying that, over the past four years Bitcoin has gone up by over 20 times in value!

Here are our super simple steps to buy bitcoin with Coinbase and CoinMama:

Further Information

If you are interested in finding out more about Bitcoin, take 5 minutes to watch the video here by Andreaas Antonopoulos, one of the world’s leading authorities on Bitcoin. You’ll also find a potted history of Bitcoin along with an up-to-date price chart and Bitcoin news on our About Bitcoin page. Or for further questions do check out our FAQ page.